Move Over Ozzy, Gesaffelstein is the New Prince of Darkness

Judging by his Coachella performance, Gesaffelstein has embraced the title of Prince of Darkness. The DJ/producer has always been known for his dark, heavy beats but he's taken it to a whole other level with his ominous performance at Coachella Music Festival last weekend. Not only did he pound out his signature sound of heavy bass and low BPMs but the actual performance itself was....dark!

Gesaffelstein used a substance called Vantablack, which is a material normally used in space applications and when applied to 3D objects is so dark one can barely discern any surface features. Vantablack is, in fact, the darkest substance known to man and is the closest visual representation to a literal black hole. Yeah, we said it: black. hole. Gesaffelstein wanted to emulate a black hole on stage by creating the illusion of infinite depth and space using Vantablack on a concave structure specifically designed for his performance. It doesn't get any darker than that... literally. Check out the performance for yourself in the video below.

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